Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about Accountants in Blackburn

How much will you charge me?

We charge a fair price for the work we do, and not a penny more. We will always give you an initial estimate for any new work, and if we end up doing less work than originally expected then we will charge you less. Any additional work will be agreed with you in advance.

Some clients request a fixed fee for our services, and we are happy to do this if you prefer.

What are your payment terms?

Standard payment terms are 30 days from the invoice date. We also offer the option of paying by monthly standing order at no extra cost if you prefer. This is hassle free for you and improves your cashflow.

Isn’t it a hassle to change accountants?

If you already have an accountant then we can handle the changeover for you. All we ask if that you let your accountant know that you are appointing us. We will then write to your accountant to check there are no professional reasons why we shouldn’t act for you (we are required to do this by our professional institute). As the same time we will request any relevant information regarding your affairs. And that’s it. You have yourself a new accountant.

Should I wait until after my year end before changing accountants?

No. There are often tax planning opportunities that can only be done before the year end. Waiting until after the year end may mean these opportunities are lost.

And the next step....

Please contact us if you need any further advice, have any questions or if you would like a no obligation quote.